What is SIRI?

Welcome to a revolution in manufacturing.

Developed in Singapore, SIRI (the Smart Industry Readiness Index) represents a suite of leading-edge frameworks and tools that will empower your company to start, scale and sustain the digital transformation of your manufacturing processes. SIRI is rapidly reshaping manufacturing practices and standards for excellence on a worldwide scale. Over 1000 manufacturers spanning 30 different countries have completed the official SIRI Assessment and are benefiting from the improvements it has driven.

LMAC is at the vanguard of SIRI application.

As one of the first certified SIRI practitioners in the UK, we are uniquely placed to apply these transformative principles to your manufacturing processes. Being a certified assessor enables us to benchmark against other local and global manufacturing companies within any sector, and also against the wider manufacturing community. This powerful metric indicates where companies can experience immediate gains and where competitors are more mature and have invested. This highlights which digital solutions are commonplace within your industry, and that there is reduced risk and investment when developing your roadmap for technology integration and digitisation.

As a framework, SIRI relates to the three core elements of the Industry 4.0 revolution: Process, Technology and Organisation. Each of these core elements contains specific areas of focus. Areas which all benefit from the SIRI assessment and the analysis it produces, but in a scalable and pragmatic way. In addition, we have enhanced the assessment with services specific to the UK SME market. We have a proven track record of successfully navigating manufacturers through the framework, and setting them on course for success on their unique Industry 4.0 roadmap.

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Experience has taught us that a company can’t improve what it can’t measure. SIRI precisely diagnoses areas where increased efficiency will create the most significant operational progress, allowing companies to confidently take on their Industry 4.0 journey.

SIRI principles are universally applicable, and are as relevant to multinational companies as they are SMEs. The quality of outcome is assured, regardless of scale. The assessment process quickly identifies a company’s biggest cost drivers, whilst simultaneously creating a roadmap for improvements, on the journey to excellence.