LMAC has worked closely with Synlait since November 2012 at the beginning of our transformation journey and it is with great pleasure that I offer this testimonial.

LMAC worked very closely with us to understand the key business objectives from this project from the very beginning. It was important that we were aligned on what we needed to deliver and this initial work has helped with making key decisions along the way.

We had known for some time that staff were experiencing frustrations as the company was
out growing the maturity of our systems and the pace of which we could make the necessary improvements. LMAC’s initial engagement was to conduct a current state of assessment which clearly identified areas that were lagging in maturity when measured against others. LMAC’s contribution to our thinking then evolved into the development and delivery of a revamped strategy deployment process which resulted in our GamePlan16 (GP16).

GP16 has become the vehicle with which we cascade financial, operational and behavioural targets across all levels of the organisation. It also provides us with a prioritised view of key focus initiatives and has provided a great structure through which we can manage resourcing and timing conflicts with relative ease. GP16 is proudly displayed throughout our organisation and is quickly becoming part of our language. The robustness of the strategy deployment process and the outcomes allows us to have a firm plan for how we visualise and discuss this information for the coming years. Visitors to our site have been very impressed by the simplicity yet powerfulness of GP16.

This fabulous outcome was enabled by the capability of LMAC to facilitate and the effort of the team to ensure we gained the maximum value out of work together. The LMAC team were extremely flexible and added incredible value to the project through their expertise, mentoring and coaching and their ability to understand and help guide the necessary mindset and behaviours changes needed. LMAC also put the energy and effort into ensuring that communication was maintained and that the very strong relationships were built and maintained during the course of this project. The robustness and effectiveness of the LMAC methodology was key to the fantastic outcome achieved.

I thoroughly recommend LMAC and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Natalie Lombe

General Manager Culture, Capability & Strategy, Synlait



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