Our Capabilities

When people and process work in harmony, that’s when the ‘magic’ happens.

Performance across all key metrics improves dramatically and the business thrives. We liken the ‘how’ to a jigsaw puzzle – below are the pieces:

Operational Strategy
The foundation of excellence

High-Performance Organisations outperform their competitors and thrive.  Rather than relying upon good luck, these organisations think and behave strategically in order to achieve clear objectives in line with their core purpose.


Many organisations tend to chew off more improvement initiatives than they can handle and often these initiatives do not clearly align with each other or to clear business objectives.


LMAC’s unique Strategy Build Model engages all levels of the organisation to establish only what has to be done, in line with clear business objectives.


Our studies show that businesses are not alone in struggling to develop and implement strategies (and then follow them) to ensure their trajectory is in line with their purpose.


Whether you’re a large or small organisation, our Strategy Model will help you harness your organisation’s capabilities and use your competitive advantage to grow and succeed.

People Development
The engine of any organisation

Leadership is the single most crucial component of a business.


The problem is that many leadership training programmes are ineffective. We believe the core issues are:

  • Too much theory and not enough practice
  • The lack of a mentorship structure to allow leaders to experiment and grow.


Our Leadership Development Programmes are designed to build capability within an organisation and deliver significant results. Our mentors will support your leaders not only to deliver results in the short to medium term, but also to become internal mentors for your company in the future.


We have several packages available and we also offer bespoke programmes. Please feel free to call us to establish what approach is best for your organisation’s needs.

Process Design
Lifting operational performance to industry best.


Productivity = the effectiveness of effort, measured as the rate of output per unit of input.


Developing an end-to-end process that runs as smoothly as a well-tuned engine requires deliberate process design or redesign in many cases. Over a period of time, lots of small changes in an organisation can upset the balance of the ‘engine’ and occasional misfires become a constant sputtering that hinders performance.


Just as there are many tools to help tune an engine, there are lots of resources to help hone your organisational processes. But they need to be used in the right place at the right time to deliver the most gains.


Many of the organisations we work with were already using some of the tools we recommend without seeing significant improvements in performance. The tools are not working as well as they should be because the ‘engine’ is out of balance.


Depending upon what changes have been made over time, the response required will vary somewhere between tweaking the process or redesigning it completely. Either way, output versus input will improve significantly.

Industry 4.0
The 4th industrial revolution?


Big Data, Automation, AI


Using ‘Big Data’, high levels of automation, and artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 promises to radically alter the industrial landscape around the world.


LMAC’s Smarter 4.0 roadmap is a packaged, scalable and deployable programme that incorporates three key phases:

plan, deploy and scale.


This platform enables us to work closely with your team to deliver a detailed workflow and data analytics pathway to facilitate you to achieve your Industry 4.0 objectives.

Due Diligence
Due Diligence to support Business Acquisition


It takes a professionally experienced team to perform thorough due diligence activity.


At LMAC, we pride ourselves on our range of experience within FMCG & manufacturing. Our operational knowledge of the value chain is second to none.


Our service is to support potential buyers to understand the viability of a business.


Covering fixed assets, production equipment, inventory, warehousing and manufacturing capability, we have the ability to really understand the business in a very short time. This work is completed with a mixture of physical investigation combined with data analysis.


Our focus is to provide informed insights to:

  1. Confirm stated capability & capacity
  2. Highlight any red flags/risks
  3. Highlight the possibility to further enhance the value chain