Industry Challenges

Some industry challenges are universal, irrespective of the type of products being manufactured.

At LMAC, we perceive challenges as an opportunity to develop under-utilised capabilities within your company. Here are some of the overarching challenges that we have identified within the UK marketplace that will benefit from efficiency improvements:

Limited workforce
Sub optimal planning and scheduling systems
Lack of timely data

Many hands have historically made light work. Previously, the solution to workforce related challenges was simply to increase the number of employees. But never has this been a more expensive solution. In addition, external factors in the UK have led to a depleted pool of quality workers.

LMAC understands that adding more labour isn’t always the solution. Automation has been around for many years and is often put forward as the obvious solution. Historically, this is geared towards low variety, high volume production, and hasn’t worked for every company. With the latest advancements in technology, it is now possible to automate many of these processes. LMAC have the experience to identify these opportunities and connect you with the right solution provider. In addition to automation, the solution can lie in adding to the competencies, capability and efficiency of the valued staff you already have.

LMAC specialises in empowering companies to take control of their manufacturing processes, through the creation of robust advanced planning systems that stand up to inspection. There are a huge number of variables that can have an impact on whether you can achieve your plan. These include: supplier lead times and performance, accurate customer information, availability of internal resources, logistics delays, and internal operational performance. The ability to see these changes and respond to them in a timely manner is what sets businesses apart. With the latest developments in advanced planning, we can not only cope with these real time changes, but we can also start to use data analytics tools to predict what will happen based on proven inputs.

Typically, we have observed that any evaluation of production data occurs after production goals are fulfilled, if at all. This could mean discovering that a day’s output has only been at 80% of capacity, but retrieving this information at the  end of the day means the problem is not addressed in real-time which can lead to cost and time inefficiencies.

LMAC has the ability to create platforms for real time data analysis. Improvements in processes can be made immediately, enabling you to stay on track and work to capacity. We also understand the importance in empowering people to make decisions and problem solve in real time. From the ground up, staff can be enabled - through well thought out processes - to make swift decisions which lead to immediate efficiency improvements. As your business matures, this real time data can be used by Operational and IT systems to make changes and decisions automatically, moving towards a smarter digital manufacturing environment.

Supply Chain Director – Griffins Foods

Peter Richardson

From the moment they arrived on site, the LMAC team built strong working relationships with our people. They have coached and guided us through the tools, techniques and behaviours that sit behind operating a world-class production facility.

Working with LMAC is proving to be a very exciting process that has pulled the management teams of our two processing plants together to support a more cohesive approach to business. It is also drawing all of our people out of their comfort zones to give them more confidence to challenge themselves and their processes.

I found the whole process very engaging and eye-opening. Eye-opening from a perspective of where we are as a Company and where the easy “wins” are versus others in our sector. Going through the assessment matrix and having to self-diagnose, as a lead team, as to what our current state is was a great way to understand each dimension and level. The process also ensured alignment and a better understanding of what 4.0 can deliver for us.