As experts in strategic Lean thinking, we believe there is an alternative option to off-shoring operations to cheap labour economies. With our skills and experience, we help UK and European organisations compete by developing their strengths and competitive advantages.

As consultants and experts with decades of experience in Lean implementation, we genuinely believe that any organisation can grow and thrive in any market, if they have the vision and determination to succeed.

With our passion, skills and experience, we help organisations look beyond the norm, by using Strategic Lean methodology to develop and embed a culture and a way of thinking where their strengths and competitive advantages can be fully realised.

Everything we do is founded upon significant real industry experience and skills built over many years. Our consultants have supported organisations across the developed world in the introduction of bespoke Lean Solutions, helping them to become agile, Lean and more profitable.

Ultimately, we aim to develop a culture and a better way of working that provides good quality jobs and sustainability within communities.


We believe in doing the basics really well.  By doing the basics better than anyone else an organisation can succeed over their competition.

We start with clear business objectives and co-develop a strategy that aligns and delivers operational improvement.

Our process is designed to support and encourage your people. By using a process of ‘Learning by doing’ and implementing a mixture of Lean tools and a doing culture, our consultants can help transform your organisation’s performance.



Lean tools play a vital part in business improvement activity. However, our consultants view things from a refreshingly different perspective.

We do not believe in ‘Sheep Dip’ training, or a “one size fits all” approach where everyone is taught every Lean tool for the sake of it.

We teach and coach an organisation in the specific tools that are relevant and most appropriate for their environment.

This approach helps an organisation’s workforce see the relevance of the tools being taught and helps gain maximum impact from the learning process.




Deploying Lean strategically is the key to maximising and sustaining benefits for both the business and its staff.

Over the past decade and a half our team of consultants has developed a Strategic Lean cascade model that works most effectively with Western culture.

Our deployment model clarifies the organisation’s vision, defines everyone’s role in the Lean deployment process and sets out the organisation’s key improvement objectives.






Developing a Lean culture is critical to long term success.

Some estimate that well over 70% of becoming Lean is about the culture of the organisation.

People are the key to success.

They are the eyes, ears and knowledge base of the organisation, breaking down Silo mentality and fostering strong, proactive teamwork through engagement.

Our process is aimed at developing a strong ‘can do’ attitude ensuring Lean thinking is fully embedded in the organisation.




— Increased Output, Reduced Effort —

We place a lot of effort on improving productivity and increasing output. It is true to say that many of our clients have tried to do this already, many using previous Lean initiatives. But rarely do we find optimum output for optimum effort.

Our engagements always start with assessing the current state of the process and looking at the potential.

We develop an agreed bespoke strategy with the client to ensure that a balance of return on investment and long term sustainment is achieved.

— Leadership Development —

Lean Leadership differs greatly to more traditional leadership styles. It requires a different set of skills, and often, Leaders need to think and behave differently.  For most people, this is not an easy thing to do and does not occur overnight following a training course.

When we talk to Leaders, they often feel undervalued and under unnecessary pressure and in many cases working ineffectively. From many years of experience in Leadership Development, we know this can be changed. By investing time and effort, the development of the Leaders can be achieved in a structured way. With a well-trained, focused leadership team, Lean thinking can be quickly embedded.

All LMAC consultants have many years of experience in leadership roles within large Lean organisations and are well practiced in mentoring and guiding Leaders through what is required to become a true Lean Leader.

— Organisational Development —

In our experience, from a strategic perspective, any Lean Implementation impacts the organisation’s culture. The key is that this change is managed in a positive manner. 

In order for Lean to be most effective, the culture of an organisation needs to change from reactive to proactive and from Silo mentality to a culture of teamwork. Many organisations invest significant amounts in organisational development (OD) without linking it strategically to the top level objectives of the business.

LMAC consultants have demonstrated on many occasions that used strategically, Lean methodology and thinking strengthens an organisation, improves its culture and helps with the development of the organisation’s only appreciating asset…its people.