From food to toiletries,  LMAC has a well proven track record in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry. Our consultants have years of practical experience in the FMCG sector. We have the knowledge, the know how and skills to meet the challenges of integrating Lean tools and principles, GMP and industry compliance practices.

Our focus is upon developing an organisation’s capability to achieve results that align with key business objectives. Sustainability is achieved by strategically coaching the organisation in the Lean principles, and aligning the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to everything.



Our manufacturing Lean model and approach is born of our ex-Toyota Lean Consultants. They have been selected based upon their Management and Engineering experience and their ability to transfer the skills required to achieve sustainable results. Between them, they have covered a vast range of manufacturing environments, and they know the ‘how’ of industry best performance.


We’ve worked within the protein industry for several years and have supported our clients in achieving major performance improvements.

We cover Poultry, Red Meat, Dairy and Fish from farming to processing. We understand feed costs and conversion, primary product and yield focus. This can be a tough and hazardous industry and getting the buy in of the floor staff is critical.

We have honed our Lean model and approach to account for this, and apply a special focus on just making the job a little safer and easier for all. Sustainable yield and premium product % increase makes for large benefits to the business.


We have dedicated Lean consultants from the service industry and a Lean model developed specifically for service environments.

We place specific emphasis upon SLA’s and deliverables by using Lean principles appropriately rather than indiscriminately pushing Lean tools from manufacturing environments.