Changing a culture in an organisation is no easy task. It takes dedication, strategy, and a heck of a lot of learning and experience to avoid the numerous pitfalls along the way.

Some won’t succeed the first or even second time of trying, but some will come back and try again.

Let me introduce you to a poultry processor taking a different approach – they have taken in past learnings and are committed to a very real and personal journey. Even better, they’re doing it for all the right reasons.

LMAC are proudly supporting Tegel on their Simplify journey. They are doing the hard stuff, making sure tough decisions are made for the long term and by creating and maintaining their own internal momentum. Our role is smaller, but still important. Providing guidance on what works well, and what doesn’t. Together, we make a good team.

Let’s re-cap on 3 key messages from the video:

  • Keep the message simple. Committing to making things simpler for everyone in the organisation is absorbed much more easily than talking of high ideals of Operational Excellence and eliminating waste.
  • Keep the message real by living and breathing it. Hearts and minds will never be won if it looks like another “flavour of the day”.
  • Of course, cost benefits are important, but please let it be more than a cost reduction exercise.

The key to sustaining improvements – create a win-win

Let’s look at the client’s rally call “SIMPLIFY”. By simplifying the roles and tasks of every individual, they are in fact creating a win-win scenario. Waste is eliminated which benefits the business, frustration is eliminated which benefits the individual. A key difference in this case is that the organisation is leading with a positive.