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Lean in Electronics




We’ve been supporting electronics companies large and small  across the world since 2005. From surface mount lines to manual assembly, we’ve been able to support our clients in maximising output whilst reducing costs through the deployment of Strategic Lean.


Tait communications are a global provider of communications network infrastructure. They produce a very wide range of products at relatively low volumes, as well as bespoke equipment.

London, UK - March 15, 2016: London double decker red buses along Piccadilly street in Central London. Photo taken during the day and contains buses and people.
Tait provide sophisticated communications equipment and infrastructure to organisations such as London Bus

They have a significant competitve advantage of lead time and minimised inventory through having their manufacturing facility on-site with their New Product Development (NPD) division.
However, they realised that they needed to be as agile and Lean as possible to sustain this.

Agile:  A new SMT line was planned for increased demand.  Through the deployment of rapid change-over tools and bespoke solutions in cassette and reel storage, existing SMT lines soaked up the demand increase.  Valuable CAPEX funds were made available for other areas of the business.

Lean:  Manual assembly lines were optimised through Lean principles and employee engagement in the ‘why’ of the initiative.  This was not just the passive benefits of a few Lean tools here and there.  Output was more than doubled with no increase in labour.  Other benefits included space reduction and much improved ergonomics for the operators.

“LMAC have delivered on all of their promises.

They have displayed strength in depth and have applied the right person for the respective areas of our operation, from Manufacturing, IT, Services and now NPD. The benefit to our business can be measured in multiple millions.”

Chris Patient – Hardware Engineering manager – Tait Communications


Schneider Electric are a multi-national producer of electrical products with a multi-billion dollar supply chain.  For over 3 years, we’ve been supporting Schneider Electric in their Lean with Suppliers Initiative across the world.

High volume manufacturing often requires a different approach to the deployment of Lean tools compared with lower volume processing.  In this case, we’ve been able to target ‘higher hanging fruit’, combining smaller percentage gains across a spectrum of areas to manifest significant cost benefits for both the supplier and Schneider Electric.

“LMAC have the depth of Lean knowledge and tactical experience to help transform & support a business.  This is why we selected LMAC to partner us in our Global Lean with Suppliers Initiative. Our initial engagement with LMAC was back in 2005, shortly after Schneider Electric acquired the iconic PDL business in New Zealand.  LMAC’s depth of Lean expertise and ability to engage people distinguished them from other Lean providers. 

It was this experience that led us to select LMAC to partner us on our Global Lean with Suppliers Initiative across the Asia Pacific region.  Over the last 3 years, LMAC have engaged with 22 of our suppliers which has resulted in significant delivery and cost benefits within our supply chain. Schneider Electric have a long history with Lean tools and principles, and have learnt many things over the years in terms of the best approach. 

One of these learnings is to partner with only proven Lean experts that can help the many pitfalls that hinder sustainability.  In this respect, the proof is in the results with LMAC and I would strongly recommend them to others.”

Robin Adams – Director, Global Lean with Suppliers, Schneider Electric