Lean fruit production





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Barkers Fruit Processors are a part of the French family owned Andros group. Like many organisations, they felt that Lean tools had given them benefits, but they were yet to fully harness the power of Lean and to fully internalise it as a way of doing things.

We engaged to help Barkers take things to another level, to drive for internal capability and understanding and to help them develop sustainable and cultural change.  Here’s what the CEO had to say:

In my view, most organisations embark on their lean journey by adopting various tools.

We certainly did that… and we got some wins too, quite big ones in fact. But I was worried that our journey was taking too long and that it relied on outside consultants to keep helping. I realised that to create lasting change that would drive our competitive advantage, we needed to internalise lean concepts within our business and to establish a foundation for continuous improvement….

That’s why Toyota called it the Toyota Way, not Lean… and that’s why we needed to create The Barkers Way. With that objective in mind, Nigel Reaney (LMAC) really came in to his own. Nigel understood the importance of not just the productivity tools we would need on our journey, but also importance of a clear vision and a change management strategy that delivered the transformation.

Establishing an all of business approach we are now embarking on a very different journey. One that is not just skin deep… one that is not just focused on tools, but rather on a transformation process that goes to the heart of our business, making lasting changes to the way we measure, the way we communicate, the way we reward teams, the way we think and the way we behave….

We are creating The Barkers Way. Our people and the way we work together will be our source of sustainable long term competitive advantage. Nigel’s skill as a Lean expert is just where it starts.

Justin Riley , CEO Barkers Fruit Processors